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    Posted on 25 Sep 2015

    15 Embarrassing Situations Every Lightweight Drinker Has Been In

    I dromise I'm not prunk.

    1. When you're one shot in and already determined to find the dance floor.

    RAJESH JANTILAL / Stringer

    2. When your friends pose cutely for a photo, and you're already too drunk to keep your shit together.

    JEWEL SAMAD / Staff

    3. When you go to pee (for the thousandth time) and stop to check yourself out in the super-flattering bathroom mirror.

    JEWEL SAMAD / Staff

    4. When you're still at the club but you reeeeally need a quick nap.

    JEWEL SAMAD / Staff

    5. When you're so hammered your friends have to carry you... But you still feel fabulous.

    SAJJAD HUSSAIN / Stringer

    6. When you genuinely begin to believe it's a great idea to photobomb every possible photo... Even strangers'.


    7. When everyone else still looks flawless but you very quickly run out of fucks to give about your outfit.

    ARKO DATTA / Staff

    8. When nobody else is dancing yet but GODDAMN IT that won't stop you.


    9. When you break out the ~special~ moves that you can only do when you're blackout drunk.

    RAJESH JANTILAL / Stringer

    (And you won't remember them until you check other people's Snapchat stories the next morning.)

    10. And when your moves get so embarrassing that your friends resort to pretending they don't know you.


    11. When you inevitably lose your phone and make your whole group wander around the bar staring at the floor.


    12. When your friends are still sober but you start drunkenly proclaiming your love for them.

    STR / Stringer

    13. That point in the night when you start finding creative ways to not have to stand anymore.

    STRDEL / Stringer

    14. When it's time to go home and you just don't remember how to walk anymore.

    HAIDER SHAH / Stringer

    15. And, despite all of it, when someone asks who wants to do another shot.

    STRDEL / Stringer

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