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With This One Tweet, Ola Cabs May Have Lost A Customer But They Won The Internet

*Hands clapping Emoji*

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Oh, and duh. There was no shortage of jokes.

I want a kundli match feature in @Olacabs now. Only send drivers with whom my kundli matches

Hi @Olacabs I want a feminist driver or someone who likes paani puri.


Hey @Olacabs I want Salman Khan's driver. Thanks.

And this isn't the first time Ola has been awesome on the internet.

If you're in an Ola when a Pak wicket falls, tweet out your CRN with #ChaloNikloWicket and we'll get you a free ride! #IndVsPak #TakeAnOla


Didn't we tell you leave the car at home? Jerry #Seinfeld shows cancelled due to "issues related to #traffic and #parking at the venue".

BuzzFeed India reached out to Ola for a statement regarding its hiring policies, but a spokesperson declined to comment.