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With This One Tweet, Ola Cabs May Have Lost A Customer But They Won The Internet

*Hands clapping Emoji*

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Ola is an Indian radio taxi service and app. (Like Uber but desi.)

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Last night, a customer tweeted at them asking that he be able to choose which drivers he's assigned because he prefers they be Hindu.

And despite the risk of losing his patronage, Ola said precisely the right thing.

In summary:

BuzzFeed India

Even their competition gave them props.

Oh, and duh. There was no shortage of jokes.

I want a kundli match feature in @Olacabs now. Only send drivers with whom my kundli matches

Hi @Olacabs I want a feminist driver or someone who likes paani puri.

Hey @Olacabs I want Salman Khan's driver. Thanks.

And this isn't the first time Ola has been awesome on the internet.

If you're in an Ola when a Pak wicket falls, tweet out your CRN with #ChaloNikloWicket and we'll get you a free ride! #IndVsPak #TakeAnOla


Didn't we tell you leave the car at home? Jerry #Seinfeld shows cancelled due to "issues related to #traffic and #parking at the venue".

Good on you, Ola!

BuzzFeed India reached out to Ola for a statement regarding its hiring policies, but a spokesperson declined to comment.