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26 Questions That Will Enrage Anyone With Curly Hair

"Can I touch it?" Sure, if I can touch your face after. IN SLAP FORM.

1. "Ooooh, where'd you get your perm?"

2. "How do you have sooooo much hair?"

3. "Wouldn't your life be sooo much easier if you fixed it?"

4. "Have you tried combing it out?"

5. "Aren't there products you can use to make it less... You know?"

6. "Have you thought about getting bangs?"

7. "Why do you wear it so big?"

8. "OMG how is your hair LITERALLY eeeeverywhere?" -Everyone you date/live with.

9. "Does it take FOREVER to straighten?"

10. "How do you manage with so much frizz?"

11. "Has your hair always been like this?"

12. "Why're you freaking out? It's just a little rain!"

13. "Why do you need so long to get ready?"

Don't think of it as just getting ready. Think of it as attempting to look presentable and graceful while defying gravity and most laws of nature.

14. "You showered twenty minutes ago, what're you still doing in there?" -Your roommate

15. "Why do you need all these products? What do they even do?"

16. "Didn't you JUST buy conditioner?"

17. "Wait, you don't own a hairbrush?"

18. "Then... What do you use to brush your hair?"

19. "Do you curl it every morning before you leave home?"

20. "How do I get mine to do that?"

21. "If I put something in your hair, would it just stay there all day?"

22. "Can I touch it?"

23. "Can I pull on the curls?"

24. "Can I play with it?"

25. "Is it big because it's full of secrets?"

26. "Why don't you just get it straightened?"