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26 Questions That Will Enrage Anyone With Curly Hair

"Can I touch it?" Sure, if I can touch your face after. IN SLAP FORM.

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3. "Wouldn't your life be sooo much easier if you fixed it?"

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"Fixed" it? "FIXED" IT? Have you considered FIXING your blatant disregard for how your words impact other people? *Angry Emoji*


5. "Aren't there products you can use to make it less... You know?"


Do you know of any products that can retroactively change my genetic make-up? No? Well then, let's spend our free time working on changing your assumptions about my hair and my choices.

8. "OMG how is your hair LITERALLY eeeeverywhere?" -Everyone you date/live with.

As Marilyn Monroe famously said*: If you can't deal with my hairballs, you don't deserve me at my best.

*This is unconfirmed and entirely made up BUT STILL TRUE.


11. "Has your hair always been like this?"

Yes, I didn't just get hit by lightning one day and come out of it looking deranged. Please peruse my #ThrowbackThursdays at risk of your own sanity.


21. "If I put something in your hair, would it just stay there all day?"

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As proven by my middle school bullies and tormentors, yes. Please, by all means use my head as a storage space for your knick-knacks. No matter that you're triggering years of adolescent insecurity and self-consciousness. NOT A BIG DEAL AT ALL. *Bursts into tears*