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21 Words That Mean Something Different With Your Best Friend

Inappropriate (adjective): Nothing.

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4. "Texting"

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Actual meaning: Sending a message to someone's cellular device to convey important information.

BFF meaning: A means to keep your BFF updated on every thought, meal, and bodily release you have from the moment you wake up until you fall back asleep.


10. "Dumb question"

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Actual meaning: A question revealing your ignorance about the world. e.g. "Who is president of the United States?" or "Is Australia a country?"

BFF meaning: A question revealing your ignorance about your BFF's love for you. e.g. "Can I come over?" or "Can I have a bite of your burrito?"


15. "Telling a story"

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Actual meaning: Recounting major plot-points of an incident.

BFF meaning: Obsessively providing a play-by-play narration of an incident, including every minor (and seemingly irrelevant) detail, such as what underwear you were wearing at the time, and what you'd had for breakfast the day before.