Someone Used NDTV Good Times’ Twitter Account To Admit How Much They Hate Working There

And @NDTVGoodTimes actually had a pretty fantastic response.

1. So, at around lunch time today, whoever was running the @NDTVGoodTimes Twitter account got a bit confused about their job role, and tweeted “I am pissed off with this office. This office sucks :(” from the official account.

2. Aaaaand, right on cue, the Indian Twitterati unleashed their wittiest responses:

6. As is usually the case, there were some skeptics:

What if this is all a ploy to get NDTVgoodTimes to trend?

— OvenTikka (@TandooriCutlet)

Is @ndtvgoodtimes trending yet?

— Sherni. (@Highheelswaali)

8. But not to be left out of all the fun, the @NDTVGoodTimes account themselves tweeted this very shortly after deleting the original tweet:

Ok, THAT happened. Now that we have your attention, here are 7 ways to make #officefun:

— NDTV Good Times (@ndtvgoodtimes)

9. And posted this on their Facebook:

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10. (According to the Facebook post’s edit history, they seem to have considered going the “Sorry, we were hacked!” route before settling on their eventual way, way funner response.)

11. All in all, their sportiness won plenty of approving slow claps:

12. To whoever Tweeted the original “This office sucks” masterpiece, we feel you…

NBC / Via

13. And wish you the very, very best with all your future endeavors.

NBC / Via

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Rega Jha is the Editor-in-Chief of BuzzFeed India and is based in Mumbai.
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