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27 Amazing Things About Living In The Middle East

Because yallah is the original YOLO.

1. You drive past majestic architecture every time you leave your house.

2. And the incredible natural landscapes = baller camping trips.

3. Bonus: Dune-bashing is so fun.

4. You get the best (and cheapest) sheesha in the world.

5. So you can always afford to be a hookah hog.

6. Sure, Starbucks is always an option, but you know where to get the really good stuff.

7. All global fast food is made infinitely better by adding in some local flavor.

8. Though nothing beats your ultimate late night craving:

9. Punctuality is totally optional.

10. And stress is actively discouraged.

11. Whether or not you wear a hijab, burkah, abaya, dishdasha, kufiya, etc., you know that swag is an integral part of the outfit.

12. There's no better feeling than cheering on your team in the Gulf Cup.

13. Or in the impromptu football matches that happen on the beach every evening.

And if you couldn't find a soccer ball, a crushed soda can would do.

14. Showering is always an interesting experience.

15. You love waking up to the calming sound of the morning azan.

16. You're a great driver, because it took you five tries to pass your driving test.

But you still know to stay off the roads before Iftaar.

17. Speaking of driving, gas prices are awesome.

18. You enjoy your weekend while the rest of the world is at work.

19. Your body has been trained to withstand very high temperatures.

20. You've had way too much fun running around the aisles of this crazy, hyper one-stop shop.

21. You've gotten really good at piecing together the plots of movies, despite the missing scenes.

Also, Arabic subtitles/dubbing makes everything more entertaining.

22. You run into at least three people you know every time you leave home.

23. You've owned so many of these over the course of your life that you're probably protected from evil forever.

Eidoloon / Via Flickr: eidoloon

24. Road signs and storefronts look like works of art because the Arabic script makes everything prettier.

25. Malls, stores, homes, and restaurants all smell like bukhoor, i.e. they smell amazing.

26. You're constantly watching tradition and modernity interact in cool ways.

Cherkas / Via

27. And, no matter how far you go, you always know that home is where your habibis and habibtis are.

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