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25 Pictures Of Modi That Perfectly Capture Life's Important Moments

Here's proof that the leader of the world's largest democracy is really just like the rest of us.

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1. When your BFF pulls you into the corner of a party to give you a fresh piece of super juicy gossip.

SAUL LOEB / Staff / Getty Images

2. When there's an important game on TV and bae is forcing you to watch Bigg Boss instead.

RAVEENDRAN / Staff / Getty Images

3. When you're really, really, really high and someone starts talking about politics.

RAVEENDRAN / Staff / Getty Images

4. When your dealer asks how last time's maal was.

PUNIT PARANJPE / Stringer / Getty Images

5. When the Dominos delivery dude brings you the wrong pizza and you know it isn't his fault, per se, but you're still kinda like, "Come on, dude, WTF?"

INDRANIL MUKHERJEE / Staff / Getty Images

6. When you're at a family function and aunties you don't recognize are telling you how much you've grown since you last saw them.

Kevin Frayer / Stringer / Getty Images

7. When you're in public and trying to inconspicuously take a Snapchat to send to your boo.

STRDEL / Stringer / Getty Images

8. When your mom's like "If Neha jumped in a well, would YOU jump in a well?" and you're like "IDK, probably."

INDRANIL MUKHERJEE / Staff / Getty Images

9. And when your mom's like "Be home by 10, LATEST" and you're like "LOL there's literally no way."

INDRANIL MUKHERJEE / Staff / Getty Images

10. When none of your friends can find a lighter, but you happen to have one in your pocket: "WHO'S AWESOME? THIS GUY!"

Kevin Frayer / Stringer / Getty Images

11. When your BFF is telling you about her new guy, and you're trying to figure out the size of his "package" BUT SHE JUST ISN'T STOPPING YOU.

DON EMMERT / Staff / Getty Images

12. When you're watching Titanic alone on a Saturday night, thinking about your ex, and singing "My Heart Will Go On."

PRAKASH SINGH / Staff / Getty Images

13. When bae is like "I'll be ready in a minute!" and before you know it, you've been waiting for an hour.

RAVEENDRAN / Staff / Getty Images

14. When your coworker goes for the full-hug while you were going for the side-hug. #Awkwaaaaard

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

15. When an auto rickshaw driver refuses you a ride but then drives off in the exact direction you wanted to go in.

TORU YAMANAKA / Staff / Getty Images

16. When you have to teach your non-pop culture savvy friend how to do the Beyoncé "Single Ladies" dance.

SAM PANTHAKY / Stringer / Getty Images

17. When you need to fart SO BAD but you're holding it because you aren't that close with the person walking behind you.

RAVEENDRAN / Staff / Getty Images

18. When you and your BFF are wasted and you can't stop saying drunk "I love youuuuu"s to each other.

TORU YAMANAKA / Staff / Getty Images

19. When your homie has had a liiiittle bit too much to drink and is getting cuddly at the bar and you need to carry him home.


20. When you didn't get the dress code memo and ended up mortifyingly wearing a TOTALLY different hat than everyone else.

STR / Stringer / Getty Images

21. When you're 4 drinks in and the DJ plays "Mundian Tu Bach Ke."

YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Staff / Getty Images

22. When you introduce two of your friends to one another and they seem to like each other more than they like you.

NELSON ALMEIDA / Staff / Getty Images

23. When you're explaining to your friend why things just didn't work out with you and your boyfriend.

STR / Stringer / Getty Images

24. When bae gets you flowers, you say "Oh, you didn't have to!" and you think, "But good thing you fuckin' did."

RAVEENDRAN / Staff / Getty Images

25. And, the best moment of all: When your jam comes on.

RAVEENDRAN / Staff / Getty Images