Lorde Surprised Her Fans By Dropping A Secret Single Last Week

While everyone was busy fawning over Beyoncé…

1. Last Friday, Lorde dropped the unannounced single “No Better” on YouTube.

2. Unfortunately for her, that happened to be the same day Queen Bey dropped 14 songs and 17 music videos, also unannounced, so the internet was a tad distracted.


3. But those who did notice Lorde’s drop are already touting it as the song of the summer. For the Southern Hemisphere, that is.

4. Later in the weekend, Lorde did a Reddit AMA, but didn’t mention the surprise track.

She did, however, admit that she doesn’t know what shampoo she uses, and that she will definitely be performing in North America at some point in 2014.

5. The light, catchy single is available for purchase on iTunes here.

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