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Watch Superwoman And Humble The Poet Perfectly Call Out Every Ridiculous Person You Know

Because sometimes you just gotta say "Leh."

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For the uninitiated, "leh" is Punjabi slang used to express bemusement, disdain, and general disapproval.


It's usage has been conventionally monopolized by disgruntled aunty jis but now that Superwoman and Humble The Poet are spearheading its youth reclamation, we can finally have it for ourselves.

On the track, the duo launch a "leh" crusade against spoilt brats and drama queens of every persuasion.


"4,000 dollars on a purse. Leh. Still got tuition bills to pay. Leh. Swipin' daddy's card at the club. Leh. Tweetin' 'bout life being hard. Leh."

Enjoy "Leh" (and its LOL-worthy accompanying video) in full here:

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