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23 Kids Who Are Way Too Smart For School

They aren't kidding around.

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1. This kid, who already knows what your real problem is.

2. And this whippersnapper who'll be laughing all the way to the ______.

3. Martha's new BFF.

4. And this visionary who has found a foolproof response to any "true or false" question.

5. If honesty is always the right answer, this is an A+.

6. Everyone stop. We've found the next Mozart.

7. I hope this teacher got fired because, as they say, love is the answer.

8. Anyone who is this charming, even in times of adversary.

9. And this precocious social scientist.

10. Nobody can claim she didn't "name the quadrilaterals."

11. This kid who knows that calculus is really politics in disguise.

12. And this future Miley.

13. This kid who knows that what Sam really needs is a doctor.

14. And this little girl who proves that you don't have to be old to know the secrets to joy and success.

15. Meet Aiden, the most honest child of all time.

16. And this kid, giving Aiden a run for his money.

17. Even if "???" isn't the correct answer, Steeven Viel deserves full credit for snark.

18. Skip med school. I trust this child to diagnose me.

19. Some kids are so smart that their genius is totally incomprehensible to us mere mortals.

20. This chemistry prodigy, who will undoubtedly change the world.

21. This dinosaur specialist, who has uncovered the very real threat of face-stabbing.

22. This kid who knows what the brain should actually be called.

23. And this genius, who knows the only right answer to the most important question of all.

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