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13 Ways The World Has Changed Between Salman Khan's Hit-And-Run And Its Verdict

Thirteen years is a long time.

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1. Pluto stopped being a planet. Literally the solar system lost a planet. Miss ya, Pluto.


2. Babies born that year are now teens.

3. India went from having 28 states to having 29.

4. Smartphones were invented.

5. The Bombay Stock Exchange sensex went from 3,000 points to 26,000 points.

6. Seven Harry Potter movies were released, bringing the franchise to an end. :'(

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7. We sent a satellite to orbit around Mars. THAT'S INSANE.


8. The earth went from having little over 6 billion humans to over 7 billion. Literally a BILLION NEW HUMANS.


9. The global economy went into and came back out of a massive recession.

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10. Britain's royal family added 3 new members.

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11. Bollywood got a whole new generation of superstars... Who are now industry veterans.

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12. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp all came into existence.


And these words lost all their original meaning: tumbler, timeline, tweet, share, pin, filter, like, tablet.

13. And, of course, Salman Khan starred in over 50 movies, collectively grossing literally thousands of crores of rupees.

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