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21 Joys Of Having A Work BFF

Love means never having to say, "Who wants to go to happy hour?"

1. Having a work BFF means you always have someone to vent your work problems to who understands them completely.

2. Your midday coffee breaks always double as biffle catch-up sessions.

3. You have someone to ask your dumb, ignorant work questions to, without fear of this happening:

4. And you always have someone to lend you the essential things you forgot at home.

5. You can always count on this person to tell you if you have food in your teeth, or a visible wedgie, or any other mortifying situation going on.

6. It's always safe to assume you have a happy hour companion.

7. And you have a default lunch buddy. No lonely desk lunches for you.

8. Even when you're off enjoying vacation, you have a reason to look forward to coming back to work.

9. You always have someone willing to verify your "I'm sick and can't come in today" story for your boss.

10. And, on the other hand, you always have someone to verify your "work was insane today!" stories for your real world friends and family.

11. Office party awkwardness is buffered by the fact that you have each other.

12. This person can give you objective, well-meaning, and well-informed career advice, since they know everything about you and the company.

13. And, on a lighter note, you're always up to speed on office gossip because two gossip-mongers are better than one.

14. If you're having a particularly busy day, there's always someone willing to share your workload, asking nothing in return.

15. And, conversely, when you're having a particularly slow day, you have someone to goof around with.

16. This person is an exception to the "leave your personal life at home" rule because they give great life advice.

17. They give you great feedback so, thanks to them, you're always getting better at your job.

18. And if you work in a creative space, they give you good ideas all the time, expecting nothing in return.

19. Most importantly, you have a reason to look forward to going to work every morning.

20. You appreciate each other more because your paths would never have crossed outside of work, but now you can't imagine life without one another.

21. And you know it's only a matter of time before your work BFF will be your life BFF.