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The 29 Greatest Joys Of Growing Up With Sachin Tendulkar

Let your heart bleed a little bluer than usual.

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14. In 2010, when he became the first cricketer EVER to score a double-century in an ODI, you literally gave him a standing ovation from your living room.

16. Whenever he went up against Shoaib Akhtar, you felt as though years of political conflict were being settled on the cricket pitch.

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19. But he made it acceptable to display emotion.

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Like when India lost to Pakistan by 12 runs in a 1999 Chennai test match, and he reportedly cried for 12 hours afterwards.


22. And he taught you to always put your team first.

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During his test debut against Pakistan, he was injured and bleeding, but continued to bat, ultimately winning the game for India.

24. The crowds of Wankhade stadium chanting his name is your favorite sound in the world.

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27. Hearing the news of his retirement was an emotional roller coaster, even though you'd expected it for years.

Privileged to have seen a child prodigy go on to become a true legend of the game from very close quarters. All the best Sachin.

sachin, i'll say this again : you were a great habit. i'll live every moment of these last two games

Cricket. Now, a Godless sport. #SachinRetires


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