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25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

Could they BE any cuter?

1. When they became pioneers in the art of greeting.

2. And making manly entrances.

3. When they helped each other self-reflect.

4. When they gave affirmation in unison, like so:

And when they disapproved in unison, as seen here:

5. When they made bromantic interior decorating decisions together.

Like trading all of their furniture and appliances for this canoe... Even if it wasn't 100% voluntary.

6. When they burned each other with equal severity, displaying the equality in their relationship.

7. When Chandler taught Joey life's important lessons. For instance, that it is always in 3D.

And how reproduction works.

And phone bills.

And human anatomy.

8. When they supported each others' professional endeavors.

9. When they shared fears, as friends do.

10. When they unwittingly revealed their childhood traumas to one another.

11. When they fought. Because fighting is an essential part of every friendship.

12. When they went to London and took selfies together.

13. The little moments in which they understood each other perfectly.

14. When their chick and duck were stuck in their Foosball table so they discovered their paternal instincts together.

15. When, together, they held on to the spirit of childhood.

16. When they went through near-death experiences together.

17. When they discussed popular culture in important, nuanced ways.

18. No, really.

19. When they gave each other surprise-back-hugs.

20. And they mastered the perfect jump-and-pounce-hug.

Seriously, look at that lift.

21. They also slid effortlessly into side-hugs, because they'd been at it for years.

22. Basically, they had every possible kind of hug down. Even the head-rub-side-hug.

23. When they shamelessly and unabashedly saved each other from romantic doom.

24. When they were both each others' superheroes, as friends should be.

25. And when they boogied down unselfconsciously to celebrate their perfect friendship.