Calling It Early: These Hijras Singing "Jana Gana Mana" Is 2015's Best Independence Day Video

    Because for some Indians, "freedom" still comes with conditions.

    Yathartha Pictures just uploaded a powerful video in which seven Hijras sing India's national anthem.

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    Last February, India's Supreme Court finally recognised transgender citizens as belonging to a third gender, and made it mandatory for the government to provide them jobs and education quotas.

    The short video depicts transgender people in a host of various professions, to celebrate their freedom to pursue them.

    "Just like Indian men and women, Hijras too have the right to choose an employment which fits their talent, skill, and passion," said cinematographer Tushar Pandey.

    Urmi told BuzzFeed India that while she's been featured in several videos and documentaries, working on this one left her feeling particularly proud and hopeful.

    Prominent LGBT activist Harish Iyer echoed her sentiment:

    "With thriving young minds putting themselves in pursuit of building an equal world, I am convinced that there is still a beacon of hope that is burning bright."

    "Many of us have degrees and qualifications. We should also be flight attendants or any other profession we choose," Urmi said. "We are Indians, too."

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