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    Posted on Nov 14, 2013

    Is This Hilarious College Freshman Vine's Next Superstar?

    While he's climbing into strangers' cars, doing the splits, and casually backflipping in public, you'll be laughing your butt off.

    This is Logan Paul, a freshman at Ohio University.

    You might recognize him as the dude in the background of this viral Vine.


    Or the guy casually backflipping in this one.

    Both of these Vines were made during Logan's recent trip to New York City, where he was visiting Vine's reigning jokester, Jérôme Jarre.

    Turns out that between costarring in other people's viral videos, Logan's been making some of his own.

    He uploaded this compilation of his Vines onto his YouTube page yesterday and it is 100% goofy.

    View this video on YouTube


    Follow Logan on Twitter here.

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