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25 Inevitable Milestones In A Long-Term Relationship

If you can check these boxes, chances are you've got a keeper.

1. When bodily functions are no longer something you try to keep secret.

2. When you suck it up and buy a second toothbrush.

3. The first time you successfully go on a trip together.

4. When you stop feeling awkward around each others' parents.

5. And then when you become Facebook friends/texting buddies with each others' parents.

6. The point at which you have so many code words that you're not really speaking English anymore.

7. And so many inside jokes that anyone who hangs out with the two of you thinks you're insane.

8. The first time you list each other as emergency contacts.

9. When people start asking where your S.O. is if you ever show up to a party alone.

10. When you can no longer remember a time that you didn't owe each other money.

11. The first time you admit your non-PC thoughts to each other.

12. The point at which you have more pictures together than apart.

13. The first time you wake up together and don't even pretend to care about the morning breath.

14. Ditto for makeup and unwanted body hair and personal hygiene.

15. When you start regressing to childlike behavior together.

16. The moment you both admit (and accept) the crushes you have on other people.

17. The first time you discuss poop seriously and in detail.

18. When you stop needing to wear pants around each other.

19. When you no longer have to ask them what they want when you're ordering food for the both of you.

20. When you're no longer afraid of offending one another.

21. When you become experts at posing for pictures together.

22. When you stop feeling any pressure whatsoever to perform conventional pillow talk.

23. When you genuinely start caring about each others' sports teams.

24. And start enjoying each others' hobbies.

25. And the first time you try to imagine life without each other and realize you no longer can.