18 Incredibly Funny Facebook Messages From Strangers

Nope, we won’t accept your friend requests. But yes, we will screenshot your messages and put them on the internet.

1. The educational.

Amanda Nikita Abreo

2. The short and to the point.

Ciara Pavia

3. The one that welcomes you to the universe.

Natasha Merali

4. The persistent.

Andrea Castek

5. The mathematically sound.

Pallavi Sethi

6. The one with exactly six actual English words in it.

Shan Khan

7. The one that “promices” true friendship.

Tasneem N.

8. The multilingual music expert who just wants a “chanse.”

Andrea Castek

9. The well-mannered one that says “please” a lot.

Amanda Nikita Abreo

Or “plz,” at the very least.

10. The one that attempts to demonstrate appropriate usage of the Oxford comma.

Shan Khan

12. The poetic.

Emily Molinari

13. The one genuinely concerned about “wt hpnd u.”

Shwiti Ravisankar

14. The one who hasn’t ever met you but still believes you smell like rain. Sweet.

Natasha Racharu

15. The “James” who thinks his name is “JOHN.”

Tasneem N.

16. The fashion-savvy.

Poornima Bargotra

17. The “Candy” who thinks his name is “Sandy,” but that’s the least of his problems…

Poornima Bargotra

18. And finally, the vaguely remorseful.

Natasha Merali

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