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30 Incredibly Chic Street-Style Photos From India

Being trendy is clearly a national priority. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are courtesy of Wearabout.

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23. Loise, Mumbai

“There was a nomad girl selling Rajasthani bags on the street. I asked her if she had anything else. She had two blouses and this was one of them. She said her grandma made it long ago and they don’t make clothes anymore.”

24. Dal, Mumbai

"The kind of clothes I wear are really versions of the traditional Indian kurta. Some of the cotton shirts I own from Dries van Noten, for example, claim to take their inspiration from vintage military uniforms, but to me, the reference, the pleat and the placket, always say India."

26. Oona, New Delhi

This former fashion blogger shut down her blog: "My family and friends - and randoms who don’t even know me - tended to think of me as a narcissistic, materialistic dumb fashionista. There were some people bitching about me, saying stuff like 'OMG she wears peacock feathers'... Which is all untrue, obviously."

30. Tania, Mumbai

"I hated Barbie as a little girl but everyone around me had them. So once I decided to cut off some fabric lying around the house to make some costumes for everyone’s Barbies. I made a whole line... and then had a Barbie beauty pageant in my room."


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