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14 Random Objects That Are More Patriotic Than You


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1. This patriotic diwali flowerpot can probably be seen from space.

2. This piece of paapad goes great with rice and pickle for achaar din.

3. This is one tough cookie, but so is Bharat Mata.

4. This patch of skin a-peels to the patriotic soul.

5. This piece of chicken supports the beef ban.

6. This Sriracha, stuck to the side of its bottle, is hot yet sanskaari.

7. This wrist bruise remembers International Men's Day.

8. This green tortilla has pulled an Adnan Sami on us.

9. Why put this patriotic chip in your mouth when you could put it on your shoulder?

10. This is how you nail a patriotic beauty statement.

11. This mug of coffee is stronger than the opinions of the uncle who's going to drink it.

12. This sandwich toasts the nation with its existence.

13. This unidentifiable baked good remits money back home to its gaon.

14. And this chunk of weed could get you higher than a 207-foot flagpole.

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