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    29 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Obsessed With Hookah

    "Could you change the coal?"

    1. Your furniture and carpets invariably have coal-shaped burn marks and holes.

    As do basically all your clothes.

    2. In fact, nearly nothing is safe.

    3. You have a memorized map of all the hookah lounges in your town.

    4. Your heart sinks so fast when you get home with a craving and realize you're out of flavor.

    5. Or worse: When you pack the head, fill up the water, and then realize you're out of coal.

    6. Either way, you spend all of your money on coal, flavor, and at lounges.

    7. You try to get away with the "I JUST got it!" excuse to hold onto it, even though you've had it for 20 minutes.

    8. But shamelessly call out anyone else who does the same.

    9. So double-pipe shishas save you and your friends a whole lot of arguing.

    10. When one of your friends is like "Put another coal on!" and you know you're just gonna be smoking ash.

    11. When you smoke more than once in the same day and guilt consumes you. As does a headache.

    12. You spent months experimenting with different brands before figuring out your favorite.

    13. And you know that "Al Fakher" isn't a bad word, it's a lifestyle.

    14. You keep finding these little guys in your pockets/purse/laundry/everywhere.

    15. If someone you know is traveling to the Middle East, you have them bring you back some of the good stuff.

    16. You and your friends call dibs on who gets first drag before it's even done being made.

    17. And, if you're feeling competitive, you compare tricks.

    18. Flavor on your fingers. Gross.

    19. When you lose parts, you get super-duper resourceful.

    Or when you run out of toothpicks, you use earrings to make the holes.

    20. You're proud of your rings.

    And have attempted bubbles.

    21. It accompanies most of your meals, if not all.

    22. You have a specific hookah crew.

    23. And you all regularly argue about who makes it best...

    24. And how many holes you should make in the foil...

    25. And whether it's called "hookah" or "shisha."

    26. Although you enjoy it through any weather, rain or shine...

    27. You're happiest when the weather is nice enough to take it out on a roof, beach, or poolside.

    28. But in the end, nothing beats the feeling of that first, clean drag...

    29. And watching the smoke disappear.

    P.S.: Hookah smoking is not good for you, and has a ton of health risks. Ugh :(