How Grown-Up Are You Actually?

Who are you kidding.

  1. Check off all the statements that are true for you:
    1. 1 I know what a 401(k) is.
    2. 2 I have set up a 401(k) for myself.
    3. 3 I do my laundry regularly.
    4. 4 I never buy new underwear as a substitute for doing laundry.
    5. 5 I go to bed at a reasonable hour every weeknight.
    6. 6 I pay my own rent.
    7. 7 I pay my own cable bill.
    8. 8 I pay my own electric bill.
    9. 9 I have a credit card.
    10. 10 And I regularly pay off my own credit card bills.
    11. 11 I am not on my parents’ cell phone plan.
    12. 12 I do dishes regularly.
    13. 13 I never let dishes pile up in my sink.
    14. 14 I own furniture.
    15. 15 I own some furniture that isn’t from Ikea.
    16. 16 I eat at least three meals every day.
    17. 17 I eat three balanced meals every day.
    18. 18 I only go to McDonald’s once a year.
    19. 19 And even then, I regret it.
    20. 20 I have a five-year plan.
    21. 21 I have a savings account.
    22. 22 I enjoy the taste of salad.
    23. 23 I can distinguish salad dressings from one another.
    24. 24 I am often angered by teenagers.
    25. 25 I file my taxes earlier than the week they’re due.
    26. 26 I voluntarily read the news.
    27. 27 I am interested in current affairs around the world.
    28. 28 I enjoy the taste of wine.
    29. 29 I enjoy the taste of whiskey.
    30. 30 I never hit “snooze” on my alarm more than once.
    31. 31 I own dry shampoo.
    32. 32 But never use it because I shower regularly.
    33. 33 I can cook an entire meal without consulting a recipe.
    34. 34 I’ve read books that weren’t on my high school reading list.
    35. 35 My résumé doesn’t have any high school achievements on it.
    36. 36 I get an annual health check-up.
    37. 37 I have checked my credit score.
    38. 38 I have a decent credit score.
    39. 39 I either have, or am pursuing, gainful employment.
    40. 40 I have sent a thank-you note.
    41. 41 I have an email signature.
    42. 42 I disapprove of some currently “cool” slang.
    43. 43 I voluntarily go to the gym sometimes.
    44. 44 I have been in a serious relationship.
    45. 45 “Oh my god I’m turning into Mom/Dad” is a thought I’ve had.
    46. 46 I have had a haircut that I regret.
    47. 47 I have left a bar because it was “too loud.”
    48. 48 I prefer bars with medium-level music and ample seating.
    49. 49 I have close friendships that have lasted several years.
    50. 50 I realize that nobody ever really feels like a grown-up.

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