29 Perfect Responses To Modi Being Elected Prime Minister

Ab ki bar, LOL yaar.

After Narendra Modi secured India’s support in a historic landslide election, Indians took to the internet to express how they really felt about their new Prime Minister.

1. Some quality #tbts were made for the Gandhi family:

2. The Amul girl and Parle G boy got drunk and chose anarchy.

3. A well-meaning citizen promised to help soothe the immense burn that AAP and Congress were given:

4. People immediately began booking plane tickets to Pakistan:

5. Some were wayyy ahead of the game:

Modi Ji has won so I am leaving India forever with Shoaib Akhtar. Bye Bye India.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan)

6. We were reminded that you can’t spell “political pundit” without “pun”:

7. And Photoshop was put to its best possible use:

Modi to Amit Shah after seeing #Results2014: "TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL!"

— The UnReal Times (@TheUnRealTimes)

8. Congress’s campaign strategy was finally unveiled:

I heard some pple say - this is what Congress did! #CongratsNaMo #ThankYouIndia #IMODIfiedIndia #Results2014

— Life-o-holic (@KGwalani)

9. And Modi sweetly offered to carry Sonia back to Italy:

Narendra Modi even Helps his Biggest Opponent .. Such a Large hearted Person .. Lol

— Karan Kapoor (@karannkapoor18)

10. Although Air India would suffice, too.

Official carrier of India(Air India) is making adequate arrangements for family. #congratsnamo #MODIfied

— Pulkit Sankhla (@pulkitsankhla)

11. Old bets were resurfaced:

BTW, time to turn @kamaalrkhan to Bobby Darling! He has already consented!

— Blank (@lllusioned)

12. As were some abysmally wrong predictions:

Hey @JhaSanjay, we saved the tweet. - "

— Sherni. (@Highheelswaali)

13. RaGa’s Harvard degree was outdone by Modi’s chaiwalla biceps.

Idli Sambhar manga lo Shehzade!! @RoflGandhi_ ROFL #Results2014 #congratsnamo #IMODIfiedIndia

— Ekta Agarwal (@ektaagr13)

14. The best criticisms were subtle and minimalist:

15. Newspapers got creative with natural disaster metaphors:

Here's the @htTweets front page. We're calling it TSUNAMO! #Results2014

— Rahul Fernandes (@newspaperwallah)

16. … Maybe too creative:

17. The fact that the Godzilla movie was released the same weekend as Modi’s election did not go unnoticed:

Modi is the #Godzilla this weekend. what perfect timing for both to release. Lol

— Roasie Virq (@RoasieA)

18. And the plot was rewritten for accuracy.

19. Striking fear into millions of hearts.

20. It’s a relief that Rahul Gandhi will finally have some leisure time to catch up on TV:

@NeelabhToons tell the whole story of "Why is Rahul Gandhi" .... #Pappu

— Rohit Bansal (@theRohitBansal)

21. But Obama and Biden suddenly have a lot on their plate:

Obama busy! #CongratsNaMo #Modiheadsto7RCR #IMODIfiedIndia #MyNewIndia Why is Rahul Gandhi Mission 272 PM of India

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja)

22. Modi’s obviously been given a Bollywood makeover:

A #FilmyFriend had shared this one. #CongratsNaMo #MODIfiedIndia TsuNAMO #Result2014 #IndiaDecides2014

— Ami Shah (@amishah0505)

23. Rahul Gandhi’s response to losing the greatest elections ever was to… Smile.

24. And a lot of people immediately began to wonder why.

25. Kejriwal won fewer seats than a four-seater nano-car.

Even TATA Nano has more seats. #CongratsNaMo #ThankYouIndia #mission272 #IMODIfiedIndia

— Gireesh (@savarkar5200)

26. Speculation abounded about his whereabouts:

In the meanwhile @ArvindKejriwal spotted in Varanasi. #Results2014 #Modiheadsto7RCR #CongratsNaMo

— Pakhi Shukla (@pakhishukla21)

27. One person correctly identified India’s greatest Modi-fication: The impending dhokla takeover.

#Results2014 #CongratsNamo #IMODIfiedIndia

— TimesCity Delhi (@tc_delhi)

28. Sonia gave Manmohan Singh permission to dismantle himself.

BREAKING: Sonia meets ManMohan. #Results2014 #Modiheadsto7RCR #IMODIfiedIndia #heatOneDirection #ThankYouIndia

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja)

29. And RaGa proved, once and for all, that he is capable of causing great change.

Lol....As he promised before , #RahulGandhi stood on his words. Lol #Pappu cant move ? #CongratsNaMo #Results2014

— PM- MODI ● CM- BABU (@MrGopiKancharla)

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