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    Here's Everything You Need To Do To Prevent Getting Raped

    Step one: Watch this satirical video about victim-blaming.

    With increasing media awareness about sexual violence, a lot of people have recently been thinking about women's safety. This is a good thing.

    Unfortunately, some people think that the way to prevent rape is for potential victims to change their behavior.

    Which takes the blame away from attackers, and results in women receiving some absurd instructions.

    In an attempt to curb victim-blaming in media and on college campuses, Brooklyn filmmaker Cat Del Buono made a short satirical film mocking the trend.

    This video came directly as a reaction to the guidelines put out by colleges like University of Colorado. I think it was around the same time the Stuebenville rape was all over the news. I started looking up other "tips" and basically found the same sort of ridiculous advice where the responsibility is put on the victim.

    "Nothing has really changed to focus more on how to teach our young men NOT to rape. That's what needs to happen."

    "I hope the video will bring this issue back to the surface."

    Watch the funny and powerful film "How To Not Get Raped" in full here:

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