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    18 Creepy Side Effects Of Having A Social Media Crush

    Double-tap, favorite, retweet, like.

    1. Your real-world interaction with this person is limited, but you stalk his or her profile on the regular.

    2. You know all sorts of personal details about them that they've never explicitly told you.

    3. You have to remind yourself that it's weird to like anything the second it's posted, so you exercise self-control.

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    4. But you've still liked nearly everything they've posted since you met.

    5. (And, of course, you've seen everything they posted before you met too, but it would be creepy to like that stuff so you hold off...)

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    6. If they ever like something you post, you feel warm and validated.

    7. You brag to your IRL friends all the time about how you know the coolest person ever.

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    8. (Who, of course, don't quite get it.)

    9. And you aspire to lead a life as cool as theirs.

    10. You look forward to them going on vacation because it means a whole week of great Instagrams.

    11. You've caught yourself buying clothes/products that you wouldn't have known about if it weren't for their posts.

    12. If they go a few days without posting, your life feels a little vacant.

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    13. When you're ambivalent about posting something, you think, Would she post this? and act accordingly.

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    14. Occasionally, when you're having a bad day, you stalk their life to feel better.

    At least someone, somewhere has their shit together.

    15. You feel like you're on first-name basis with their family/pets/significant others, even if you've never met.

    16. You've reconciled yourself to the fact that the whole situation seems creepy beyond belief.

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    17. But it's OK, you aren't a creep — just an admirer.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    18. And, if nothing else, they probably appreciate the notifications.

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