23 Great Joys Of Reuniting With Old Friends

    ♬ I'll tell you one thing: it's always better when we're together. ♬

    1. Obviously, the first joy is planning and anticipating the reunion.

    2. That insanely exciting moment when you first see each other.

    3. Seeing how much they've changed, both physically and otherwise.

    4. And being made aware of the ways you've changed, too.

    5. But regressing to your old selves within five minutes of being together.

    6. Reminiscing about the good times you've had together. Telling stories you'd forgotten existed.

    7. And filling each other in on stories from your life since you were last together.

    8. Reviving old nicknames that you don't even remember the origins of.

    9. And old inside jokes that will never stop being hilarious.

    10. Going through old pictures together and laughing at how goofy you used to look.

    11. Then recreating the funniest ones.

    12. Calculating how long you've known each other and having your minds collectively blown.

    13. Talking about your mutual friends, whom you haven't even thought about in ages...

    14. And trying to figure out where/how/what/who everyone is now.

    15. Giggling as you fill each other in on your romantic developments. (Thank god Facebook exists as a visual tool.)

    16. The mind-melting joy and terror of introducing old friends to new friends.

    17. Deep talks about how you expected life to play out, versus how it did.

    18. Being comfortable enough to laugh at the awful decisions you've both made in life.

    19. But being incredibly proud of the good ones.

    20. The thrill of realizing that underneath how much they've changed, they're still the same wonderful person you befriended way back when.

    21. And no matter how far you go, or how long it's been, you'll always love and care for each other deeply...

    22. And you'll always be able pick up right where you left off...

    23. Forever :)