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Here Are Some Of The Hurtful, Violent, And Offensive Comments Indian Women Hear Everyday

And the results are chilling. Warning: Explicit language.

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This video by Indian LGBT publication Gaysi perfectly captures the onslaught of verbal violence that comes with being a woman in India:

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In the video description, Gaysi editors refer to this as the "Great Indian symphony of apathy."

"The taunts and comments that we are subjected to on a daily basis emphasize that women exist as an afterthought, even for the law, lawmakers and law enforcers. In a country where rape is prevalent, women are shamed for standing up and leaders use lines like, "boys will be boys"; Shakti Mills, the Delhi gangrape, and Badaun become dim, distant reminders. To not forget that you could have your choice and journey swerve to a complete stop and that you have no control. [...] There is something fundamentally unnatural about a country where a woman exists in survival mode right from her childhood. Let us address this, talk about why India is at this point, debate about how to truly safeguard the freedom of women. Unshackle yourself from the mindset that necessitates apathy to survive."

H/t Storypick.

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