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17 Weird, Gross, Hilarious Things Everyone On Their School Football Team Did Together

Good game, good game, goo game, goo game, g'game, g'game, game, game, game.

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1. Comparing bruises.

2. Enjoying the super gross moment when you take off your shin pads and see what's underneath.

3. Giving each other gruesome stud injuries and having no hard feelings.

4. Taking a billion bus rides together and never getting bored.

5. Feeling SO SUPER DUPER cool when you walked around school in your jerseys on a game day.

Shwiti Ravisankar

6. Having identical and hilarious tan lines.

7. Planking, lunging, squatting, stretching, jogging, suicide-ing, sprinting, dribbling...

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8. ... And collapsing.


9. Missing classes for games and practice.


10. This pre-game ritual.

11. And this post-game mumble-sesh.

12. Breaking out into a game whenever a ball appeared, regardless of where you were.

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13. This team-wide eye-roll.

14. Badmouthing the other team using jersey numbers because you don't know their names.

Real Madrid

15. Being sullen and silent together after losing a game.

16. And solving it by just quietly eating a shit-ton.


17. And, on occasion, kicking serious ass.

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