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23 Ways Every Indian's Life Changes During The Monsoon

Your morning commute is now an extreme adventure sport.

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1. Your interior decoration has been updated to include a lot of clotheslines.

2. And cuffed jeans are your new favourite style statement.

3. Your morning commute is now officially an extreme adventure sport.

4. And takes twice as long as it used to.

5. On the plus side: It's OK to be late, because literally everyone else is, too.

6. Your house requires ten times the usual amount of cleaning because you keep dragging in puddles and mud.

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7. And balconies are now just elevated swimming pools.

Or, you know, elevated death traps.

8. In every other season, you take your clothes off. In monsoon, you peel your clothes off.

9. Your social life is now entirely dependent on the whims of the weather.

10. You know to always keep your umbrella handy, because you don't have to be outdoors to get caught in a downpour. Nowhere is safe.

11. Footwear is no longer required to be aesthetically pleasing.

12. The only creatures more inconvenienced and terrified than you are your furry friends.

13. You're surrounded by some really, really bold fashion choices.

14. And every school-going child has turned into a pseudo-hunchback.

15. These guys look a bit more ridiculous than usual, but they're more indispensable and helpful than ever. Thank you, national treasures.

16. Everyone's literally watching the same thing on TV.

Aka NOTHING. Especially inconvenient when this kept happening DURING WORLD CUP GAMES.

17. The sidewalks (as if they weren't crowded enough already) are now battlegrounds for umbrella-space.

18. Everyone becomes an expert at DIY rainwater harvesting techniques.

19. And every wooden door has entered permanently locked state.

20. But it's all worth it when you get to sit at your window, warm, dry, and cozy...

21. Sipping piping hot chai with the exact right amounts of sugar and masala...

22. Eating freshly fried pakoras that suddenly taste better than anything else in the world...

23. Watching your hometown grow more and more magical, freshly washed and brighter than before.

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