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In 2 Minutes, This Guy Explains The Plight Of Women In India, From Girl Children To Gauahar Khan

"She has a mind, she can make her own decisions." *MIC DROP*

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Shashwat spoke with BuzzFeed about his reasoning for making the video, and his hopes for its impact:

"I am an introvert. When I go out, I avoid all kinds of interactions with people. But I feel gravely for this country and the condition of the people living in this country. I recently started video blogging, so I thought putting my thoughts across via YouTube would be the best option.

I saw my own parents and find that my dad worked and mom cooked. Even though my mom was more qualified than my dad to get a better job."


Shortly after it was posted, Gauahar Khan herself shared the video on her Twitter. Shashwat, of course, was overjoyed:

I was talking to my flatmate when I found out that Gauahar Khan had shared the video. I stopped talking and started dancing. Mainly because I wanted Gauahar to notice the video and also that people care. It's not a dead state here when she pleads the youth to speak up.

Watch his overwhelmingly reasonable video in full here:

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