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In 2 Minutes, This Guy Explains The Plight Of Women In India, From Girl Children To Gauahar Khan

"She has a mind, she can make her own decisions." *MIC DROP*

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This is Shashwat Singh, a 23-year-old freelance videographer from Saket, South Delhi.

Shashwat Singh

A couple of days ago, he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, titled "Why Was Gauhar Khan Slapped?" In it, he answers his own question.

Via Shashwat Singh

But also quickly yet thoroughly explains the root causes of women's plight in India, ranging from infanticide to education to rape.

Shashwat Singh

Shashwat spoke with BuzzFeed about his reasoning for making the video, and his hopes for its impact:

"I am an introvert. When I go out, I avoid all kinds of interactions with people. But I feel gravely for this country and the condition of the people living in this country. I recently started video blogging, so I thought putting my thoughts across via YouTube would be the best option.

I saw my own parents and find that my dad worked and mom cooked. Even though my mom was more qualified than my dad to get a better job."

He ends on a hopeful note.

Monster Shaanu

And a powerful plea to his peers to rise above and be better.

Via Monster Shaanu

Shortly after it was posted, Gauahar Khan herself shared the video on her Twitter. Shashwat, of course, was overjoyed:

I was talking to my flatmate when I found out that Gauahar Khan had shared the video. I stopped talking and started dancing. Mainly because I wanted Gauahar to notice the video and also that people care. It's not a dead state here when she pleads the youth to speak up.

Watch his overwhelmingly reasonable video in full here:

View this video on YouTube

*Earth shakes under the pressure of a billion mics being dropped*


Follow Shashwat on Twitter here, and check out the rest of his videos on his channel.

H/t Sahil Rizwan.