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    Noah Didn't Think His Glasses Were Cool, So His Mom Got Thousands Of Strangers To Convince Him

    If this adorable little kid doesn't make you smile, you have no heart.

    This is Noah. He is 4 years old.

    When he was first made to wear glasses a few weeks ago, he immediately burst into tears, fearing that he would be made fun of at school.

    So, naturally, his mother took to Facebook, asking her friends to convince Noah that glasses are cool.

    At first, support came from friends and family — and quickly, thousands of strangers got on board.

    This extremely cute video was taken three nights after "Glasses For Noah" was created. Although he wasn't sold on the glasses yet, seeing the pictures roll in made Noah extremely happy.

    Skip to the 2:10 mark to see him discover a picture of SpongeBob wearing glasses — the height of his joy.

    And two months after the creation of the page, Noah told the Today show that he does, in fact, like his glasses now.

    And nothing exists in the world that is cuter than this little boy.

    Share your own support for Noah here.