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    14 Eye-Opening Facts About India's Porn-Watching Habits

    Quartz and Pornhub went on an incredible deep-dive investigation of how India watches porn. Here are some facts they unearthed that made us laugh, scream, squirm, or go, "Huh."

    Amidst fears of a governmental ban of porn across the subcontinent, the good folks over at Quartz and Pornhub took it upon themselves to expose what's really at stake. Here are some of their findings about how India watches porn.

    1. Unsurprisingly, Sunny Leone is India's favourite porn star.

    T-Series / Via

    In second and third place are Lisa Ann and Priya Rai, respectively.

    2. The phrase "Indian bhabhi" is consistently amongst the top five searched terms on Pornhub in India.

    In some states, it is amongst the top three. Also consistently amongst India's top 20 searches are: Indian wife, Indian teen, Indian aunty, mom, and desi.

    3. More Indians surf porn on their smartphones than on desktops.

    4. One fourth of all Indian porn-viewers are women.

    Vidhu Vinod Chopra Productions / Via

    5. Searches for homosexual porn have jumped 213% since the Supreme Court criminalized gay sex in December 2013.

    6. Most places in the world see highest porn viewing on Monday, but Indians are fappiest on Saturdays.

    Sony Music India / Via

    7. Porn viewing in India dips by over 25% on Diwali, Dussehra, New Year's Eve, and Gandhi Jayanti.

    Much sanksaar, very respect.

    8. Porn viewing spikes by 2% on Rakhi (ew), 2.6% on Republic Day, 5.8% on Independence Day, and by a whopping 9% on Eid-ul-fitr.

    JK, no sanskaar, no respect.

    9. Indians are most porny in the month of May, and least so in October.

    10. On average, Indians spend 8 minutes and 22 seconds per visit to Pornhub — 30 seconds faster than the rest of the world... #Awkward.

    Click around the above map for deets on specific states' porn timings.

    11. Of all states, Andhra Pradesh is by far the easiest to please, visiting only 5.8 pages per visit to Pornhub, and being all done in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

    12. For comparison, the average Indian visits 7.3 pages per visit.

    13. After "Sunny Leone," India's most popular search term is "Indian." No inferiority complex here.

    14. And, of course, "Kama sutra" is India's 73rd most popular search term.

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