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19 Facts We Learned About "Millennials" In 2013

Millennials are a strange and dangerous breed. Luckily, several brave frontline journalists have risked their lives all year to help us understand them.

1. According to this report, millennials can be awkward.

2. Reportedly, some millennials live with their parents.

3. Their dating habits, apparently, are different.

4. One report suggests that some millennials feel stress.

5. And allegedly some are unemployed. Womp womp.

6. Some are saying that millennials like to travel.

7. And apparently they love room service.

8. One study found that millennials love sandwiches.

9. It's been observed that millennials have huge boobies.

10. Reportedly, millennials care about other people.

11. This report finds that millennials may or may not stand a chance in the real world.

12. Some conjecture that millennials don't like it when things don't go their way.

13. Science has found that millennials like themselves.

14. One journalist discovered that millennials are marrying young.

15. And apparently, they aren't fans of being in debt.

16. Surveys found that millennials are at least a little bit influenced by internet ads.

17. This report found that a lot of millennials like Washington, D.C., but they also like other cities.

18. Allegedly, millennials are sometimes forgetful.

19. But, if nothing else, they will save the world.