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22 Facts That Will Help You Get Through The Week

You've got this.

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3. According to some basic math, more than a quarter of a million people are having the best day of their lives right now.

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Given there are approximately 7 billion people on earth with 70 years as their average lifespan, and assuming each person can only have one "best day," more than 250,000 people have the best day of their lives every day.

19. Statistically, you are getting happier as you get older.

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"A study published by the American National Academy of Sciences, based on a survey of 341,000 people, found that enjoyment of life dwindled throughout early adulthood but began an upward trend in the late forties, and continued to increase until reaching a peak at 85."

21. A lot of very successful people have had weeks that really, really, really sucked.

Tim Allen used to sell cocaine in prison, Zach Galifianakis used to be a busboy at a strip club, and J.K. Rowling used to be on welfare.

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