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27 Everyday Decisions That Twentysomethings Are Really Bad At Making

Who needs money, sobriety, and exercise when you can have overdrafts, Prosecco, and self-loathing? #GrimeOfYourLife

1. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour, or keep watching Law & Order SVU until 5 a.m.?

2. Actually save money this month, or buy more unnecessary shoes and alcohol?

3. Buy reliable, long-lasting furniture, or get a Malm bedroom set from Ikea?

4. Wake up when your alarm goes off, or snooze a billion times and forsake your breakfast and shower?

5. Do the dishes, or just eat off paper plates indefinitely?

6. Drink in moderation, or keep taking shots until closing time?

7. Listen to informative podcasts on your commute, or to Yeezus?

8. Have honest and open conversations with your roommates, or leave them passive-aggressive notes around the house?

9. Do laundry or just buy new underwear?

10. Go to the gym after work, or eat an entire pizza by yourself?

11. Watch the news, or binge on Breaking Bad until all your brain cells have died?

12. Actually bake things like people on Pinterest do, or prematurely eat the batter?

13. Set aside time to clean your apartment, or spend all your waking hours on Tumblr?

14. Keep a written account of your expenditure, or just cross your fingers every time you have to pay for something?

15. Make a long-term career plan, or just get to work every morning and hope for the best?

16. Buy groceries regularly and cook healthy meals, or become a valued customer at Taco Bell?

17. Set aside rent money in advance, or be blindsided by the passage of time and panic?

18. Have a professional and mature web presence, or drunk-tweet at your boss?

19. Iron your clothes, or try to make wrinkled-chic happen?

20. Make well-reasoned and mature romantic decisions, or Snapchat your ex at 4 a.m.?

21. Read a book or take a nap?

22. Take your contacts out at night, or have 20/20 vision for your nightmares and wake up blind?

23. Make a conscious effort to keep up all your friendships, or just repeatedly interact with the friends you live closest to?

24. Keep track of your student loans, or hide all your financial paperwork in a drawer marked "DO NOT OPEN"?

25. Plan elaborate and exciting vacations with friends, or spend all of your travel-money on drinking with those same friends?

26. Monitor and control your caffeine intake, or constantly replace sleep with macchiatos?

27. In any situation, do the mature, responsible thing, or #DGAF all day, every day?

When in doubt, #DGAF. Obviously. You're only young once.

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