30 Reasons Driving In India Is More Fun Than Anywhere Else

    You're definitely never bored.

    1. The road signs take a personal interest in you.

    2. They understand your struggles.

    3. They have high self-esteem but still care about you.

    4. They're pious, within reason.

    5. They want you to save lives, but somewhere else, please.

    6. There are even road signs that double as alarm clocks!

    7. They're heteronormative sometimes, but they mean well.

    8. They dispense advice through wordplay, because they know you like that.

    9. They can even rhyme!

    10. Seriously, ALL about the rhyming.

    11. Basically Nobel Prize-winning poets.

    12. They use their rhymes to drop all sorts of knowledge, even about the heavy stuff.

    13. Droppin' truth bombs AND rhyme bombs.

    14. The Shakespeares of signage.

    15. "It is not rally, enjoy the valley." #poetry

    16. Alliteration is another favorite literary technique.

    17. They're supportive, but still keep your crazy dreams in check.

    18. While driving, you might learn a few things about the animal kingdom.

    19. "Be Mr. Late, better than Late Mr." TRUE FACT.

    20. They care about your marital success.

    21. Such masterful pun-work!

    22. They consider you a bro!

    23. And a friend!

    24. ...Sometimes even more than just a friend.

    25. They remind you which side of the road to drive on... While testing your logic skills.

    26. Wouldn't want to lose your elbow, right? PHEW good thing you saw this sign!

    27. Wouldn't wanna go to jail either!

    28. They'll make sure you "enjoy the nature charming"!

    29. They'll keep you safe, law-abiding, alive.

    30. And, more than anything, they'll always keep you entertained.