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There's Now A Campaign To End Discrimination Against Men, Or "Mancrimination"

"Here's to all the men who have been the victims of a society that tends to forget the struggles of males."

Maggcom, an Indian online magazine that covers fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment, uploaded a post yesterday titled "Don't Mancriminate".

The post was uploaded by a writer named Jahanvi Maheshwari.

The article features a series of posters highlighting perceived disadvantages that men face in society...

The posters have used images of male celebrities including Jude Law (who told Mr. Porter in 2013 that he finds Hollywood's treatment of women unfair) and Elijah Wood (who told GQ in 2014 that he "absolutely" identifies as a feminist).

...along with this note explaining that "manism" is a movement to reclaim the rights of men, "the victims of a society that tends to forget the struggles of males".

Manism. This is to remind us of the forgotten gender, who, regardless of the situation, are expected to be such gentlemen. When women talk about being put on the same pedestal as men, simultaneously there is an unsaid expectation of chivalry out of them. It is time we realize that they deserve a break from being all heroic and they too suffer a different level of harassment – out of innocence or otherwise. Gender inequality bugs them as much as it bugs women. So, here's to all the men, who have been the victims of a society that tends to forget the struggles of males.

The post also includes a video featuring men and women responding to the question "Should women be allowed free entry into nightclubs?"

Since Maggcom shared the post on Facebook, it has received incredulous comments.

And the magazine has defended itself against Twitter backlash too.

Women are raped around 10x more frequently, but @maggcomofficial wants gender equality, so...

@secondofhername Don't connect a medical illness(rape) to our opinion on a social taboo

Well cool @maggcomofficial. All you need to do is promise me no harassment or leering.

@secondofhername don't make urself look weak & think u'd be harrassed, we are only trying put all of us on an equal pedestal

While some people certainly seem to agree with the message:

More than 70% rape cases are false , punish the women #dontmancriminate

About time #women learn this and stop the double standards. #DontMancriminate Don't expect me to be a gentleman...

Feminists are discriminating based on gender. Crime has no gender. #dontmancriminate @maggcomofficial @timesofindia @PTI_News @ZeeNews

Others are fervently hoping the entire campaign is satire:

Dying with laughter over the #DontMancriminate hashtag. I really hope they aren't serious.

Is #dontmancriminate real? It can't be real...right?

I'm a bit late to the party with this whole #DontMancriminate thing, but my that's a glorious bit of satire right there, right?

And a lot of people have simply found it really, truly hilarious:

Men have to stand in the rain as they don't have a glass ceiling. #dontMancriminate

It's not romance it's BROmance. Not a handbag, a MANbag. Not discrimination, MANcrimination. Not insecure, MANsecure. #DontMancriminate

It's Friday and you just have to laugh #DontMancriminate

For your Friday humor, I give you #DontMancriminate Enjoy!

Mancriminate isn't even a good portmanteau! The idiots could have at least gone with "Don't Dickcriminate." #DontMancriminate

BuzzFeed India has reached out to the original post's author for comment but has yet to receive a response.