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    Posted on Aug 7, 2013

    17 Definitions Of A "Real Woman," As Told By The Internet

    Turns out that in a lot of corners of the World Wide Web, it definitely isn't 2013 yet.

    1. A real woman always expresses her love.

    2. Sometimes even of her own volition.

    3. According to some Tumblr users, a "real woman" is one who wears many hats.

    4. One of her roles is to act as an alarm clock for her man.

    5. Elsewhere on the internet, a woman is one who "waits."

    6. After all, a real woman is discerning.

    7. According to one Instagram user, a real woman preps her man every time he leaves the house.

    8. All with the noble intent of making him come back eventually.

    9. And she helps her man grow.

    10. If you consult with Urban Dictionary, a real woman comes with a particular anatomy.

    Syda Productions / Via

    11. Yahoo Answers adds that she is in between chubby and skinny. "A good example is Snooki."

    12. stipulates that she is "sensual, gentle and nurturing." She is not a "ball-busting feminist."

    13. And this guy on thinks she must own at least one apron and several thank-you cards.

    14. According to some Twitter users, a real woman loves her man.

    15. According to this Instagram, he is her primary responsibility.

    16. So, obviously, she helps her man get it all.

    17. And, lest we forget, a real woman has a unique taste.

    Now that you know how the internet defines a "real woman," it's time for you to take a pop quiz.

    Hope you've been paying attention, because those were a lot of requirements...

    Think about it carefully, because this is literally the only question that matters.

    1. Do you identify as a woman?

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