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17 Definitions Of A "Real Woman," As Told By The Internet

Turns out that in a lot of corners of the World Wide Web, it definitely isn't 2013 yet.

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1. A real woman always expresses her love.

2. Sometimes even of her own volition.

3. According to some Tumblr users, a "real woman" is one who wears many hats.

4. One of her roles is to act as an alarm clock for her man.

5. Elsewhere on the internet, a woman is one who "waits."

6. After all, a real woman is discerning.

7. According to one Instagram user, a real woman preps her man every time he leaves the house.

8. All with the noble intent of making him come back eventually.

9. And she helps her man grow. / Via

10. If you consult with Urban Dictionary, a real woman comes with a particular anatomy.

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11. Yahoo Answers adds that she is in between chubby and skinny. "A good example is Snooki."

12. stipulates that she is "sensual, gentle and nurturing." She is not a "ball-busting feminist."

13. And this guy on thinks she must own at least one apron and several thank-you cards.

14. According to some Twitter users, a real woman loves her man.

15. According to this Instagram, he is her primary responsibility.

16. So, obviously, she helps her man get it all.

17. And, lest we forget, a real woman has a unique taste.

Now that you know how the internet defines a "real woman," it's time for you to take a pop quiz.

Hope you've been paying attention, because those were a lot of requirements...

Think about it carefully, because this is literally the only question that matters.

  1. Do you identify as a woman?

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