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23 Defining Traits Of Your Favorite Teacher

When "teacher" = mentor, friend, and partner in crime.

1. Every teacher taught you a few lessons in class, but this one made time to impart some life lessons as well.

2. They were the first to tell you what you were good at, and what you got right.

3. And they had absolutely no qualms telling you what you should be doing better.

4. You often barged into their classroom when you needed advice, and they never minded.

5. Which means at some point, they knew more about your life than your best friends did.

6. Theirs was the only class you ever looked forward to going to, even when you dreaded all the others.

7. And it was the reason you went to school on days when every bone in your body wanted to skip.

8. Because they somehow managed to make the most boring subject matter exciting to learn.

9. Their class projects were always fun to do.

10. And their homework barely ever felt like work.

11. You're still good friends with everyone else you were in their class with.

12. And, no matter how long it's been, you're probably still in touch with them too.

13. They let you get away with a whole lot in class, because they knew you were doing your best.

14. More often than not, they joined in on the tomfoolery.

15. But they always knew where to draw the line.

16. There was no better feeling than getting a pat on the back from them.

17. And there was no worse feeling than knowing they were disappointed in you.

18. They always made sure to incentivize their classes with snacks and games.

19. And they weren't ever afraid to get downright goofy.

20. You always felt comfortable asking questions in their class, knowing that they'd never judge your ignorance.

21. And, let's be real, most of the questions you asked them had nothing at all to do with the subject matter.

22. You can still pinpoint the moment they made a comment that changed your life forever.

23. And when you think of all the people who made you who you are, they'll always be at the top.