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    16 Really, Really Nice Feelings You Probably Haven't Felt In A While

    Come. Remember what it was like to be happy.

    1. Nailing your favourite song on this instrument.

    2. Zoning out to this bad boy.

    3. Running a finger down dad's neatly stacked CD collection.

    4. Snapping shut this iconic phone.

    5. This sweet, sweet victory.

    6. This feat of acrobatics.

    7. Fake-lighting one of these up, then fake-taking several drags.

    8. This annual family-bonding night.

    9. Buying and reading a Harry Potter book on its first night out.

    10. Answering along with this show and feeling like you were a genius who could be hella rich.

    11. Striking this pose.

    12. This reliable fortune-telling.

    13. Scarfing these down quickly to get to the milk.

    14. Or, even better, eating them dry.

    15. Scaring the shit out of yourself for no reason.

    16. And closing and submitting one of these for the last. time. ever.