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We Got Very Drunk (At Work) On Kingfisher's New Breezer-Style Drink

It's true, pun enthusiasts: BuzzFeed was fed some Buzz.

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And they fuckin' hated it.


Srishti: Tastes like something died in there. #LycheeFromHell

Andre: Tastes a lot like nimbu pani for some reason. Less fruity than the red one.


Srishti: I'm buzzed! Hahahahahahaha

Andre: I've never been this sober in my life.


~ FINAL REVIEWS, provided the next day, sober ~

Andre: I'm not a big fan of Breezers but these were nice, if a little on the sweet side. I'd definitely have some with my breakfast in the morning. I'm running out of juice anyway.

Srishti: I never drink alcohol but this tasted like fruit juice so I managed to have a great time.

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