19 Unexpected Benefits Of Having An Indian Best Friend

Ain’t nobody like your desi girl. Or your desi guy, as the case may be.

1. First things first: You regularly get to eat some of the best foods in the world.


Because you know that Indian food is so much more than just chicken tikka masala and naan.

2. You watch more insane Bollywood movies than you ordinarily would.

Because a live translator is a lot more fun than poorly translated subtitles.

3. You’ve been made aware of some truly mindblowing pieces of eye-candy.


Brown gets down, man.

4. And all your playlists are a lot more exciting because of your brown BFF’s song recommendations.

5. You get to borrow the coolest clothes and accessories.



6. You can understand – and therefore appreciate – the classiest sport of all.

7. You get to participate fully and authentically in some of the world’s coolest holiday traditions.


8. You have the best dance moves at any party you attend.


9. Having been raised on your Bollywood, this friend is hopelessly romantic, which is good to have around.

10. Occasionally sharing foods with your BFF means your spice tolerance has skyrocketed.

11. If you ever happen to meet your best friend’s extended family, you’re in for some uniquely entertaining chaos.

12. Like any good Indian, your friend uses some pretty ridiculous slang and obviously you’ve picked it up.

13. And your vocabulary is now littered with some of the most expressive curse words in the world.


14. Going shopping with your BFF is good for you because they come from a long line of expert bargainers.

15. You know that chai can be so, so, so much more than Starbucks would have you believe.

16. You can ask them all of your dumb* questions about India without fear of being judged.

CBS / Via sodahead.com

*And borderline racist.

17. You probably never have to pay for hookah because your BFF makes it at home, pro-status.

18. Someday in the future, you’ll get to attend a baller week-long wedding involving fire and animals.


19. And, duh, if you ever decide to visit the most vibrant country on earth, you’ll do it with the most legit tour-guide possible.

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