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13 Reasons Ghar Ka Khana Is The Best Khana

Home is where the daal-chaawal is.

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1. For starters (get it?), it's delicious.

2. Seriously, all the fancy butter chickens in the world can't compare to some hot, home-cooked roti-sabji.

3. Expensive, greasy restaurant food? No thanks, I'll have naan of that.

4. Besides, who needs to put on pants and go into public when you can feast like royalty at home?

5. Who needs the heavy risk of baahar ka khana when you have the trustworthy embrace of ghar ka?

6. Risk of food poisoning? Nope. Risk of putting on ungodly amounts of weight? Nope.

7. There's no hassle of splitting the bill or sharing the last paratha.

8. Craving another puri? Shuffle over to the kitchen and make one.

9. Do you like things more spicy than other people do? Or a bit less? Cool, do your thing.

10. Want naan and rice AND COOKIES? Fuckin' go for it. Nobody's here to judge you.

11. Honestly, look me in the eye and tell me if anything you could get at a restaurant could compare to this.

12. Tell me you don't want to tear off a piece of that roti, douse it in sabji, and devour it.

13. Now let us bow down to the god of all foods – the heavenly daal and chawal.