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    30 Jul 2015

    17 Brilliant Snapchats That Only Desis Will Appreciate

    Your life in screenshots.

    by ,

    1. This reason you're "healthy".

    2. This heavenly sight.

    3. This wildly inappropriate caption.

    4. And this one made by international DJ Diplo.

    5. This perpetual monsoon problem.

    6. This unfortunate situation.

    Nirali Shah

    7. This shit when everything shuts at 1 a.m.

    8. This flavourful self-loathing.

    9. This miracle.

    10. This flawless good boy act.

    11. This achievement.

    Nirali Shah

    12. This sight of pure joy.

    13. This joke that only desis will get.

    14. This coming-of-age sign.

    Nirali Shah

    15. This struggle.

    Rega Jha

    16. This zit that chose its position based on race.

    17. And, of course, this legendary airport truth.

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