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Arnab Goswami Was The Real Hero Of India's Elections

Never change, Arnab. Never, ever, ever.

Arnab's right arm has not stopped flailing for even a single second in the last 6 weeks.

Trapped permanently on the set of his show, he has resorted to keeping fit by running it.

Arnab's tireless fist has been relentlessly pontificating since the earliest days of election season.

And Arnab's index finger, committed to fighting for justice and democracy, pointed at least once at each of India's 1.2 billion people.

Heck, even his left hand pitched on.

When the results telecast got boring because the votes weren't swaying, Arnab entertained us all by himself starting to sway.

Some worry that Arnab works too hard:

When does Arnab has his food? :D Non stop speaking since 6 AM.

I'm worried that Arnab Goswami hasn't gone to the bathroom in the last 6 hours/weeks.

But Arnab's unique energy has inspired the nation's citizens in many, many ways.

Arnab Goswami is sounding so melodious today that I could do Garba to his yelling.

Arnab's voice is now officially echoing in office.

I'm pretty sure that when Arnab is alone in a big room, he shouts at himself. And when that shout echoes, he interrupts that echo.

@RamCNN @sunny_hundal @RegaJha can't sleep. there are voices in my head and all of them are arnab.

Never change, Arnab. Never, ever, ever.