Are You An Intolerable Intellectual?

Find out if people can stand you, or they Kant. You might find that your interests are too Nietzsche.

  1. Assuming that truth is absolute, check all the statements that are true.
    1. 1 I know the correct pronunciation of “Nietzsche.”
    2. 2 I have corrected someone’s pronunciation of “Nietzsche.”
    3. 3 I read more than the required texts in college.
    4. 4 I voluntarily attend lectures.
    5. 5 I have referenced The Paris Review in casual conversation.
    6. 6 I have a New Yorker subscription.
    7. 7 I have a New York Review of Books subscription.
    8. 8 I have a London Review of Books subscription.
    9. 9 I hate when people describe things as “Kantian.”
    10. 10 I sometimes describe things as “Kantian.”
    11. 11 I’ve used the term “Kafkaesque.”
    12. 12 I’ve used the term “Kafkaesque” correctly.
    13. 13 Foucault is the only person who has ever understood me.
    14. 14 I’ve heard John Cage’s 4’33” in its entirety.
    15. 15 My favorite film is foreign.
    16. 16 I’m in a book club.
    17. 17 I’m regularly annoyed by the books other people choose for my book club.
    18. 18 I’m writing a book.
    19. 19 I understand jokes about libertarianism.
    20. 20 I make jokes about libertarianism.
    21. 21 I watch TV as an intellectual pursuit.
    22. 22 I justify watching bad TV by saying it is an intellectual pursuit.
    23. 23 I have a favorite artistic movement.
    24. 24 I’m annoyed when people say art should be “pretty.”
    25. 25 I have a favorite art critic.
    26. 26 I have an opinion about Christopher Hitchens.
    27. 27 I have a very strong opinion about Christopher Hitchens.
    28. 28 I have memorized at least one poem.
    29. 29 I have a favorite literary journal.
    30. 30 I have considered starting my own literary journal.
    31. 31 I’ve willingly participated in a debate about the Federal Reserve.
    32. 32 One of my most common social activities is “going to a reading.”
    33. 33 I’ve ended an argument by pointing out that truth is relative.
    34. 34 I’ve ended an argument by pointing out that truth is absolute.
    35. 35 I’ve ended an argument by saying, “I subscribe to philosophical skepticism.”
    36. 36 I’ve criticized someone for being “ethnocentric.”
    37. 37 I’ve retweeted Joyce Carol Oates.
    38. 38 I considered leaving Twitter when Ta-Nehisi Coates left Twitter.
    39. 39 I have lamented the existence of traditional media outlets.
    40. 40 I have lamented the decline of traditional media outlets.
    41. 41 I’ve tweeted a thinkpiece before I finished reading it.
    42. 42 I called it a “smart take.”
    43. 43 I know the name of at least one NPR host.
    44. 44 I know the names of at least five NPR hosts.
    45. 45 I learned a foreign language just to be able to read books in their original text.
    46. 46 That language was French and those books were by Camus.
    47. 47 If this was my ideal world, nobody would make grammatical errors.
    48. 48 I know that the previous sentence should’ve used “were” and not “was.”
    49. 49 I truly believe I am more intelligent than most people in the world.
    50. 50 I am actually more intelligent than most people in the world.

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