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29 Awkward And Confusing Facts About Every American Desi's Life

"ABCD" isn't just the beginning of the alphabet, it's also an identity crisis.

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1. You have two names: the correct pronunciation for your Indian family and friends, and the Americanized pronunciation for everyone else.


14. Every time you go back to India to visit your relatives, they're constantly calling you healthy*.

*Healthy (noun): Aunty code for fat. Just say it like it is, Aunty. All those American McBurgers have made me a McFatty.

16. Another well-meaning threat: "Don't worry, we'll find you a nice Indian husband/wife."

Even though they're usually kidding when they say this, you can't help but get suspicious that someday they'll actually follow through.


20. You grew up confused between "Indian-American" and "American Indian."


When you've been asked enough times whether you're a "dot Indian" or a "feather Indian," everything begins to lose meaning.



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