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19 Times Indian Comedians Were Spot-On About Life, The Universe, And Everything

Listen, the world is a HILARIOUS place.

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1. On coming out:

Nik Dodani / Via

2. On Z+ pad security:

Aditi Mittal

3. On male pastimes:

Neeti Palta

4. On introversion:

Biswa Kalyan Rath

5. On parental aspirations:

Sonali Thakkar

6. On heels:

Radhika Vaz

7. On modesty:

Punya Arora

8. On moms:

Kenny Sebastian

9. On journalism:

Rohan Joshi

10. On confidence:

Zakhir Khan

11. On beauty:

Neeti Palta

12. On matrimonials:

Nik Dodani

13. On our national hobby:

Vir Das

14. On violence:

Daniel Fernandes

15. On festivals:

Biswa Kalyan Rath

16. On tolerance:

Daniel Fernandes

17. On customer service:

Kenny Sebastian

18. On excuses:

Aditi Mittal

19. And on simpler times:

Sumukhi Suresh