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17 Photos That'll Remind You That The World Isn't All Bad

For every horrific act of evil, the world's got thousands of teeny tiny moments of kindness.

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1. When the Indian internet joined hands to make amends to a 65-year-old man.

2. When one man's tweet during the Paris attacks reminded us all of how religion looks at its very best.

@RohanSinghKalsi / Via

3. When a traffic police man took a moment to make sure this adorable citizen could cross the street safely.

4. When these two best friends reminded us that politics are only as important as we let them be.


5. When this man used his night-shift to live out his daydreams.

6. When this mother gave an old tradition a beautiful update.

7. When these heroes risked their lives for the right to kiss and love freely.

8. When floods turned this man into a kitten-saviour.


9. When an Indian restaurant in Qatar literally and figuratively opened its doors.

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10. When Girish's dreams came true.

11. When this sardar ji took on the immense responsibility of safely delivering a shipment of Santas.

12. When Zanjeer, a bomb squad dog who saved thousands of Mumbaikars' lives in the 1993 terror attacks, was given the burial he deserved.


13. When this Mumbai resident decided to be the change he wanted to see in the world.

14. When this mother made her daughter's future more important than her own present.

15. When a Facebook user made this selfless plea.

16. When this farmer risked going hungry himself to make sure that birds and animals could feast off his crops.

17. And when Mumbai sent these messages of solidarity to Paris in the wake of tragedy and terror.

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