9 Things Mumbaikars Want, Need, And Deserve

Peace, love, cutting chai.

Starting Friday morning, @WeAreMumbai (curated this week by Aditi) began tweeting under the hashtag #WhatMumbaiWants.

Thanks to the support of several Mumbaikars, the hashtag became India’s #1 trending topic, and even briefly trended worldwide.

Mumbai’s desires ranged from necessarily serious…

… to laugh-out-loud funny.

And a few themes emerged as Mumbai’s most popular demands. Here’s #WhatMumbaiWants:

2. 1. RAIN! Real, heavy, cool rain!

#WhatMumbaiWants Rain ! Rain !! Rain !!!

— paresh gala (@galaparesh)

#Whatmumbaiwants ? Rain Rain and more rain

— Junaid Quraishi (@ESPguy)

Right now, #WhatMumbaiWants is to drench in the first proper rain.

— (@BanGayaKutta)

3. 2. Less traffic and better roads.

#whatmumbaiwants taxes to be returned in the form of better roads and infrastructure

— sonam (@Pink_Sangria)

#WhatMumbaiWants traffic free roads

— Clinton D'souza (@clinton_sd)

#WhatMumbaiWants No potholes on roads during any season i mean proper and well maintained roads.

— Ashish Gouda (@gouda_ashish)

#WhatMumbaiWants is better safety for girls :)

— Manasi (@immrs3)

People who respect women #WhatMumbaiWants

— aRJuN_Assiduos (@arjunLilSpoiled)

#WhatMumbaiWants We live in a DEFINITELY Feminist city, dedicated to the 2 most imp women - "MUM & BAI" ! May the force be wid you #Mumbai

— Sunny Dhanoe (@iSunnyDhanoe)

#WhatMumbaiWants is Sachin Tendulkar to grace the home of cricket in Mumbai, Wankhede! #MissYouSachin

— Hitul Gala (@HitulGala)

Sachin to play again for next 20 yrs #WhatMumbaiWants

— raja beta (@MainBhakchod)

#WhatMumbaiWants a newer version of @sachin_rt sachin tendulkar

— soccered (@vipul_varma)

13. 5. A solution to several local train woes.

#WhatMumbaiWants the expected in Minutes indicator at Local Train stations shud stop making a fool of d public

— Nationalist Bhushan (@bhs7rocks)

#WhatMumbaiWants AirFresheners in local trains.

— && (@Str8tDrive)

Every year, over 2000 people die in local train mishaps; a lot more than in terror attacks. Where's the outrage, guys? #WhatMumbaiWants

— Gutkha Mukesh Ambani (@GutkhaMukesh)

17. 6. WiFi. Lots and lots of WiFi.

Make Mumbai a free WiFi zone #4G #whatMumbaiWants

— Shradha Agarwalla (@TheDessertCart1)

Wifi !! #WhatMumbaiWants

— Nilesh Deokar (@nIeLDeokar)

Free-WiFi Zones. #WhatMumbaiWants

— DRACARYS (@Dr_Kopite)

21. 7. For auto drivers to stop saying no.

#WhatMumbaiWants auto wallas who will say yes to go to bandra west ! :/

— Mrs.ShaatirNatwarlal (@srushtik)

@WeAreMumbai A lot of autowallahs who will happily agree to go to andheri station . #WhatMumbaiWants

— ThatChivalrousMan (@DecentPervert)

#WhatMumbaiWants auto walas that dont take bhav and simply take you wherever asked

— sonam (@Pink_Sangria)

25. 8. To be able to call it Bombay.

To be called Bombay once again. #WhatMumbaiWants

— Akshay Shetty (@akshaykshetty)

@WeAreMumbai For Mumbai to become our Good old Bombay! #WhatMumbaiWants

— Advait (@advaitn)

#WhatMumbaiWants is to change its name back to Bombay

— Sridhar iyer (@GothamBuddha)

28. 9. And, of course, vada pav and cutting chai.

Ek cutting chai and vada pav every 2 hours #whatMumbaiWants

— && (@Str8tDrive)

Vada-Pav & Cutting chai 24x7... #WhatMumbaiWants

— SiLLy (@Si_LLy)

#WhatMumbaiWants. Kuch nai. Bas 1 Vada Pav aur 1 kating bahut hai....

— dHARMIN™ (@Dharmin_ms)

32. In summary:

#WhatMumbaiWants Rains. Hope. Love . And Vada pav ;)

— Pratik Barve (@BrashtKoknBrahm)

33. <3 Aamchi मुंबई <3


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